Our all-in-one cryptocurrency platform enables any person - crypto enthusiast or otherwise - to:

Set Your Own Fees when exchanging crypto and fiat currencies

Create a consolidated Smart Algorithm Wallet to minimise network fees and maximise profits

Pay for products and services on retail sites with cryptocurrencies using the SAW

Receive crypto payments directly via the Retailer Payment Gateway - settled in the fiat of their choice

Use the XCOYNZ Smart Card to make purchases using cryptocurrencies stored in the Smart Algorithm Wallet.
Card holders may also withdraw local fiat cash at competitive rates anywhere in the world


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How It Works


Access to all popular crypto markets with fiat or existing cryptocurrencies. Simple and feature-packed for both an experienced trader or first time buyer.

smart wallet
Store & Save

Securely store and HODL crypto assets with our smart wallet solution, helping traders reduce transaction fees and protect their investments.

payment gateway
Spend & Receive

Consumers may spend digital currencies online or in retail environments, while businesses may expand their reach and revenue models by accepting crypto payments.

Ecosystem Overview

The ultimate solution for exchanging, spending and receiving payments in cryptocurrencies. Set your own fee, global payments card and more.


Facilitating the fast exchange of various crypto and fiat currencies.

  • Simplify direct transfer to bank accounts
  • Scheduling of recurrent payments
  • Let users set their own fees


  • A cryptocurrency novice can enter the market easily with XCOYNZ streamlined services, with suggestions
  • Veteran crypto holders can easily exchange fiat/crypto and benefit from the ‘set your own fee’ mechanic.
smart wallet
SAW (Smart Algorithm Wallet)

AI-powered, the SAW allows a user to better manage their cryptoassets and make use of them in daily life.

  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Algorithmically determines best cryptos to exchange for any spend


  • Crypto holders can stay informed and move with confidence without heavy research, with SAW insights suggesting best routes for investment, divestment and spend.                                                                                                                  
payment gateway
Payment Gateway

The missing link between online merchants/retailers and crypto participants

  • Simple API to allow online retailers to accept crypto payments for goods and services.
  • Cryptocurrency will only replace traditional payment methods when it is established as simple and beneficial to adopt


  • An online retailer can increase their customer base by accepting crypto payments with XCOYNZ, without worrying about additional legal obligations.
  • Merchants can make use of the instant settlement of fiat to avoid any risk of volatility that comes with crypto acceptance.
smart cards
Smart Card

Contactless payment cards for crypto payments and the withdrawal of fiat from ATMs.

  • User can pre-load crypto assets into a linked wallet and spend them anywhere a traditional card is accepted.
  • Cryptocurrency will only replace traditional payment methods when it is established as simple and beneficial to adopt


  • A crypto-asset holder can enjoy a higher level of liquidity and instant access to crypto assets as fiat equivalent for typical card payments, without having to log into an exchange and process a withdrawal.                                                                                                                                    


Market Gap

Cryptocurrency Wallets

In the cryptocurrency world, wallets exist and usually allow one crypto asset per Individual wallet.

The following problems are associated with the above scenario:

Making a payment that requires combining some of your crypto assets, can be tedious as you may be required to use several wallets incurring several charges before your payment can be completed.

Currently, there is no way for those with a diverse crypto portfolio to work out the best use of combined assets in making a payment for a product or service. It is almost a non-option, except for those with the time, patience and tools to go through this process manually.

The Commercial World - Restrictions

Business owners were relatively slow in their uptake of alternative payment methods such as cheques, debit and credit cards, alongside the traditional notes and coins, and it took decades for the transformation. These are now the established payment methods, but for how long?

In today’s commercial world that is largely internet-based, the extraordinarily high fees faced by businesses from centralised payment providers and gateways is usually passed straight on to the consumer, and where it cannot be, the business removes itself from providing their service. Furthermore, physical payments will soon become extinct and newer payment methods will naturally replace traditional ones, with cryptocurrencies being the forerunner. The market gap in this area and the potential gains in becoming an enabler is all too clear - and we aim to bridge this gap with the XCOYNZ Payment Gateway

Our Solution

Our Solution - The XCOYNZ Platform

XCOYNZ Exchange

Our solution will address the problem of exchanging fiat to Crypto, Crypto to Crypto and Crypto to fiat, all under one roof, namely the XCOYNZ Exchange. The XCOYNZ Exchange will also address high fees by allowing the Individual to define the fee that they would like to pay for their transaction. It will also accelerate the transfer of Crypto assets back to the Individual’s fiat bank account faster than existing methods, using our custom-built technology known as X-Swift based on a private XCOYNZ Blockchain, with the ultimate goal of being near-instantaneous.

The XCOYNZ Exchange enables Individuals to set their own fee when exchanging their Crypto assets. This will be based on a recurring annual allowance from the time of first registration, with further loyalty bonuses being awarded based on periodic exchange activity volume. This is a ground-breaking incentive in the Crypto world and will disrupt the way business is done for Cryptocurrency exchanges in the future. Users of the XCOYNZ Exchange will also have the ability to transfer from one’s Individual wallet, or even the XCOYNZ SAW - to another Individual’s bank account as fiat.

XCOYNZ Smart Algorithm Wallet (SAW)


The XCOYNZ SAW will consolidate all your Crypto assets into a single wallet so you can use this to process your payments faster, and incur only a single fee that again is set and controlled by you. It will also use smart algorithms to determine the best combination of assets to use to process your payment, minimising costs or maximising profits. You can opt for the Crypto assets suggested by the SAW or make your own choice as to which Crypto assets you would like to use. It will also predict which Crypto to HODL or sell.

XCOYNZ Payment Gateway

The XCOYNZ Payment Gateway is the key connector using crypto assets to bring together seller and buyer in the massive market place that is the internet. With subscriptions it enables retailers to open their businesses up to accepting payments for goods and services via cryptocurrencies. This immeasurable benefit to the retailer in exposing their goods and services to a wider audience goes hand in hand with that of the consumer, who now gets to make use of a portion of their wealth that previously was unable to directly link with the retail world.

With the XCOYNZ Payment Gateway, both brick and mortar businesses and e-commerce retailers can accept cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services - and receive timely fiat payments with competitive or better rates than traditional payment methods.

XCOYNZ Smart Cards


The XCOYNZ Smart Cards will allow the Individual a way of purchasing products and services from a retailer using their Smart Cards. The Individual will also have the ability to withdraw fiat from the Smart Cards as well as have instant access to their crypto funds.



Token Purpose & Appeal

The purpose of the XCZ token is to promote features that elevate functionality of the day-to-day XCOYNZ business, in turn driving the business forward and hence increasing the value of the token by ensuring that it has a fundamental use.

Individuals will reap the benefits of having XCZ tokens ready to be used for exchange fee discounts and a faster, streamlined withdrawal mechanism. Over the next 18 months, there will be a drive to future-proof the market share that XCOYNZ captures, ensuring optimum level of token recycling safeguards business expansion and ultimately enhances mass appeal for the token.

To this effect, XCOYNZ will implement a programme to burn a set proportion of collected tokens, writing off a fixed share of our business profits with limits and frequency to be decided once all components of the platform have been launched and the business if fully functional.

Token Use

The XCZ token is used on the XCOYNZ Exchange, available to the Individual to enable the following benefits:

Set your transaction fee - is only made available to Individuals that use their XCZ tokens during an exchange, otherwise a standard fee is applied.

X-Swift Withdrawal - is only made available for Individuals who use their XCZ tokens during a withdrawal from crypto to fiat, otherwise a standard withdrawal is applied.

Retailer Payment Gateway reduced fee - is only made available for Retailers that use their XCZ tokens during a payment being made by a customer, otherwise a standard fee is applied.

Token Properties

Token Name :
Token Symbol :
Total Tokens :
Decimal Places :

Token Type :
Utility Token using a Smart Contract with
embedded ERC-20 on the Ethereum platform.

Token Allocation

Use of Funds

Token Commercialisation

Token Sale

Main Token Sale

Phase 1: 580M Tokens, to be sold with a token bonus of 50%
Phase 2: 76M Tokens, to be sold with a token bonus of 25%
Phase 3: 76M Tokens, to be sold with a token bonus of 5%
All investors to go through a KYC/AML process prior to issuance of tokens.
Minimum investment 0.3 ETH. Maximum investment 200 ETH per investor.

Token Sale Phases

  • Phase
  • Pre-ICO (Seed Investment) Now in Progress 18,000,000 80%
  • Crowdsale Phase 1 5th Feb to 25th Feb 2019 580,000,000 50%
  • Crowdsale Phase 2 26th Feb to 11th Mar 2019 76,000,000 25%
  • Crowdsale Phase 3 12th Mar to 18th Mar 2019 76,000,000 5%
  • Total 750,000,000
Post-Sale Allocation

10% (subject to change) of any unsold tokens after the token sale, will be distributed amongst the seed and phase 1 investors, in line with their original investment. The remainder of the tokens will be burnt after the end of the ICO. Token distribution commences a week after the ICO closes and is expected to be completed within four weeks.

Introducing the Team

Business Operations
Technical Operations
Product Development
Infrastructure and Architecture

Aasam Alim


● 27 years of leadership experience
● Business intelligence expert specialising in big data

Experienced manager with a track record of success over 27 years. A combination of experience, patience and tenacity with an analytic mind brought to bear on all challenges faced to provide the sustainable and cost-effective solutions required by all modern businesses and institutions.


Tushar Gaikwad


● 12 years in telecoms,finance and bigdata
● Consultant and architect to global financial institutions

A Big Data Consultant and Architect with a large multinational consultancy working for a global financial institution. 12 years of combined experience in the field of Telecommunication & Finance using various tools and technologies brings invaluable ability in finding solutions to real world business problems.


John Gurudas

Business Operations

● 29 years in SME operations and strategy
● Authority in retail, IT and blockchain fields

29 year's experience in both corporate and small/medium business operations with a focus on managing the development of business visions from inception to strategic realisation, with a keen eye on staying aligned with the ever-changing landscape of today's innovative technologies.


Ritesh Ranjan

Product Development

● 15 years of telecoms and biz development experience
● Consultant for Oracle, Lead developer at Inmarsat

Lead Business Intelligence Analyst and Developer with 15 years of experience in leading consultancy and end-user organisations. Exposure to multi-national technology-based environments which enables current role in managing development teams simultaneously in the UK and off-shore.


Azeem Sultan

Infrastructure and Architecture

● 8 years in infrastructure and security
● Financial sector- Barclays,Barclays UK & Lloyds

Highly experienced infrastructure and security manager with over 8 years of experience in the financial sector working with Barclays UK, Barclays International, Barclays Group and Lloyd’s Banking Group.


Savio Henriques

Technical Operations

● 13 years of BI and DWH experience
● Technical lead to many UK analytics teams

Over 13 years of experience in Business Intelligence primarily in the Telecom industry. Providing versatility in operational and technical leadership to reporting and analytics teams across the UK and Ireland.

Introducing The Advisors

Senior Marketing Advisor
Blockchain Development
Blockchain Expert and Experienced Cryptotrader
Marketing Advisor
Social Media Strategist
Marketing Advisor
Web Development
The Penseth Company, Founder
Key Investor Influencer
Community Ambassador



Token Sale

Exchange Roadmap

Smart Algorithm Wallet (SAW) Roadmap

Payment Gateway Roadmap




Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided some Q&A's on our business, or product and our ICO and some general FAQs. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us (see Contact)

Blockchain is a distributed system that can maintain a ledger of records or transactions. It uses cryptography to secure and protect information from being tampered with.
Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contracts and it has a higher level of security.

A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract.

When purchasing our tokens, the recommended mode for the Ethereum network is Gas=50 GW, and Gas Limit=100000.

You can purchase crypto using fiat through an exchange. If you want to ‘exchange’ your crypto with other crypto, then you need to use an exchange. If you want your money back in your bank account, you need an exchange.

The Pre-Sale is in place to ensure we have a great start and meet the highest of standards for things such as preliminary marketing and full compliance for all legal matters. In short, for a successful ICO.

XCOYNZ Limited is a UK registered company, based in London.

XCOYNZ is a platform that consists of 4 major components,
1. XCOYNZ Exchange
2. XCOYNZ Smart Algorithm Wallet
3. XCOYNZ Payment Gateway
4. XCOYNZ Smart Card

We have the diversity in the Team as well as the business experience and drive to develop our vision from conception to launch.

Our Platform will be secured through multiple security features and systems specially tailored to prevent the risk of both internal and cyber-attacks. For security reasons, it is not detailed further at this stage.

A coin is a standalone cryptocurrency based on its own Blockchain and is only used as a means of payment. A token is developed and hosted on existing Blockchains and also has additional functionality. As XCZ has multiple uses on our Platform and has been developed on the Ethereum platform, it is therefore a token.

Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) requirements will be fully applicable for every investor.

To be the platform of choice for everyone. Whether experienced in the cryptocurrency world or a newcomer, to enter this space and reap the benefits of repeat transactions with confidence, ease and with time and cost efficiencies.

We are serving the global market and have not set any restrictions. However, we have no control over regional regulations and restrictions.

XCOYNZ have a business plan, and a roadmap (see Whitepaper) that ensures the longevity of the business and platform, together with ensuring the sustainability of the token and platform.

Once we have developed the components in our Platform, the XCZ token can be used for numerous services on the Platform, offsetting costs and time delays. Our tokens will be available on our exchange as per our Roadmap.

Yes, our address can be found on our website.

For the main crowdsale, the minimum is 0.1 ETH and the maximum is 2,500 ETH.

They are held in our private wallet until the end of the crowdsale and will be deposited to your wallet within four weeks.

Yes! Each XCZ Token can be split down to 18 decimal places.

Anyone with a wallet address can receive XCZ tokens.

No, you will be able to exchange them once they become available on exchanges.

The XCOYNZ Platform is being developed using blockchain in order to avail and unlock discounts and bonuses when using the XCZ token on the XCOYNZ platform.

It is more than an exchange, it is a Platform with the benefit of innovative and unique features such as the XCOYNZ SAW, Payment Gateway and Smart Card. The XCOYNZ Exchange allows an Individual to exchange crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto with simplicity and almost no fees.

In the initial phase fiat currency transactions will be enabled in UK and other EU countries. XCOYNZ mission is to be a global exchange allowing transfers across all countries subject to local regulations. There are no geographical restrictions in exchanging crypto-currencies.

Our Platform will have multiple layers of security, one of which will be two-factor authentication for Individual Smart Algorithm Wallets.

Our Platform will have multiple layers of security, one of which will be two-factor authentication for Individual Smart Algorithm Wallets.

Can I connect my PayPal and/or other banks to the XCOYNZ Exchange?

ICO Crypto - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

ICO Crypto - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

ICO Crypto - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

ICO Crypto - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.


Any Questions?

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