• 11 Feb 2019
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Join the future with XCOYNZ’s revolutionary fiat-crypto exchange

While the world of cryptocurrency is undergoing a rough patch right now, that won’t be the case in the near future. Our ambitious and fast growing start-up XCOYNZ will be at the vanguard of this amazing financial revolution.
Confidential and easy to use, it heralds a truly amazing change in how people think about money. The core of this change is the strong likelihood that the public will begin to see it as an alternative to a stressed fiat currency system, which is under strain from excessive money printing by governments and central banks the world over.
Imagine being able to draw crypto out in fiat money and one day vice versa. Or think about a world in which you can pay for journeys on public transport using a broad range of cryptocurrencies. These are two of the potential advantages of going with XCOYNZ as a cryptocurrency service provider. We can help you to establish yourself in the world of bitcoin and other such currencies, with a fantastic arrangement on fees which has few parallels in the business. Put simply you can set your own fee in transactions with us as a means of offsetting token purchases.
The above features are a great combination, a very compelling case to make XCOYNX your main cryptocurrency exchange. After all, there are many crypto companies out there that charge exorbitant, off-putting fees which are attached to undertaking transactions with them. That is clearly not the case with XCOYNZ. For ease of use, affordability of use and overall business functionality, XCOYNZ is nearly peerless.
Our ICO is currently on now. We have been rated among the world’s top 10 most trusted ICOs by CoinSchedule, highlighting our reliability and developmental position. Cryptocurrency is the currency system of the future, and XCOYNZ is the cryptocurrency exchange of the future. Join us now at and start on an exciting journey into a whole new financial world!

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Azeem Sultan

  • 04 Feb 2019
  • bitcoin
Is sub-$4k the end of Bitcoin?

With Bitcoin reaching sub-$4k levels, could we really be seeing the end of one of the crypto-world’s most popular assets? Is this really the end for Bitcoin? We all know that most emerging technologies suffer from growing pains and blockchain is no different, but it seems that Bitcoin is taking quite a bit of abuse in the market lately. While most of us waited for the price to go back up to it $20K days, it just kept dropping and our portfolios kept shrinking.

With Bitcoin currently sitting at around a $60 Billion market cap with each Bitcoin being worth around $3,500, the future of this heavily traded cryptocurrency doesn’t look good. Or does it? Let’s take a look:

It was back in Dec 2017 when the Bitcoin price surged to over $19,000 tantalizing the whole world but this seems to have been an anomaly as prices have steadily slid back down leaving many investors scratching their heads wondering when it will go back up.

Why was there such a large market correction since then? Four reasons:

· Many “Bitcoin Hype” investors left the market

· Negative media coverage

· Political and regulatory doubts

· Bitcoin was already sitting on a 2,800% growth in value

While there has been a lot of negative news about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, much of it is unfounded and is a result of a consumer market which is unsure what to do about the blockchain. Do we try to understand it, or follow it blindly? Do we leave it alone, or regulate it? These are all questions that those who don’t understand the significance of the blockchain are asking, and of course the lack of knowledge then creates more intrigue leading to negative comments and that makes investors nervous.

So does all of this really mean that Bitcoin is really on its last legs? More than likely not! Bitcoin has had much worse years than 2018, with 2011 and 2013 standing out. Some experts even say that 2019 is the year that Bitcoin will make its comeback, but it isn’t clear if they even believe it. The fact is, there are many new alternative crypto assets hitting the market that are ‘purpose built’ and designed to offer more features and benefits that make using cryptocurrency easier to use and more widely accepted around the world.

One thing is certain, time will tell if the end of Bitcoin is near, but the world of cryptocurrencies is only just starting so watching the rise of new cryptocurrencies and seeing which ones stay and which ones simply pass by makes 2019 an exciting year!

Learn About XCOYNZ

To learn about XCOYNZ and why it is different than any other token available, contact XCOYNZ and speak to a representative who can answer your questions and explain the benefits of XCOYNZ’s Smart Algorithm Wallet today.

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Azeem Sultan

  • 21 Jan 2019
  • ico
The unfair global wealth distribution

Is the world economy dominated and manipulated in a lopsided way by a handful of business interests? Is the so-called free market truly free? These are important questions as the world enters a new era of dramatic changes in technology and finance at all levels.

We’ve all seen the Big Short. What happened in the sub-prime mortgage crisis and its destructive aftermath was appalling. A story of untrammelled greed, ignorance and hubris compounding genuine human errors. It’s truly galling that many of the bankers who were responsible for the crisis were basically allowed to get away with it, thanks to their influence and privileged backgrounds. It was not a great advertisement for capitalism as it is, and likely contributed to the rise of populist sentiment around the world, inflaming passions on both left and right.

Historically the social structure of the world has been of a very small number of rich people at the top with access to all the levers of power and influence, while many ordinary working people often struggle to rise above poverty lines with the middle order sitting uneasily between the two. In fact, those at the bottom end were very often ground down by poverty and usually never claw themselves out of it. This skew in power and financial status, the great disparity between rich and poor has broadly been accepted by ordinary people as the norm without any questions. Has the public been conditioned to accept something that is in fact within their power to change? Moreover, what is the actual contribution made by those heading the top financial institutions? They create nothing of value to the economy whether in services or manufacturing or research/development, but there is of course a handful of jobs they generate, albeit with enormous exclusivity.

The prime structural weakness of the modern world economy is the reliance on easily printed currency which often diminishes in value by the time it reaches the masses. This underlines the vital importance of controlling the money supply, or better still ensuring that it is backed up by something substantial and tangible. Gold or perhaps silver would be ideal, but politicians and bankers have no incentive to go back onto any form of gold standard, unless the public wakes up.

There is one important element which could change the dynamics somewhat. This is the rise of the middle class. Prior to the industrial revolution, manual labour was the norm. It was much more inefficient. The development of modern manufacturing has created the base for a great host of industries, which have enabled large sections of the public to move from manufacturing to services. The growth of giant economies like Britain and France today is founded on their prowess in services and not manufacturing. It is also important to recall the role of slavery and colonialism in funding and providing the raw materials for this substantial rise in output — a morally reprehensible element that is all too often overlooked or ignored by historical commentary.

It is time for the world to start looking at alternative financial paradigms which has more substance and foundation in the yardstick it uses to measure wealth. Most importantly such a new financial system would not be bonded to the financial institutions that hold a disproportionate power over the global economy, without necessarily contributing anything in return. Middle-class investors are the key to achieving such a financial revolution as they branch out into different areas to invest so it is high time those with a little knowledge in emerging technologies embrace legitimate and viable alternative such as cryptocurrencies.

  • 10 Jan 2019
  • technology
Don’t be a laggard!

Is it too late to build a business in Blockchain?

Absolutely not! A very short piece from me today…

It’s never too late to learn and adapt to something new. Every new big driver of economic change was resisted or dismissed at the first instance as being too complex. The motor car for instance was rejected as an exotic invention for a select few before it quickly became accepted by the many and today, they’re everywhere. That really sounds like I’m writing this in the 1900s, so let’s move on from the humble motor car! My point is, no matter what new fascination emerges, there is always the same reception waiting for them from the mainstream. We can talk about the credit card, the mobile phone, sat navs and many many more.

The reality is that everyone will want in on the Blockchain boom soon and at the rate it’s growing, that’s hardly a surprise. By getting to grips with it today, businesses can position for commercial successes well ahead of the rush but again there is just that little bit of resistance from everyone. Not just from businesses but from governments to our financial institutions right down to the man on the street. So again, history just keeps repeating itself. The global Blockchain technology arena is projected to be worth billions, if not trillions over the coming decades but the good news is that pioneers are leading the way as usual and I am proud to stand alongside them. My question is, how in tune are you with it? Just remember how the internet took a while to catch on but when it did, how it changed everyday life for us all. There’s much to learn about the Blockchain but I won’t preach about it here, but on this one, let’s be different and stay ahead of the curve. Talk soon!

Aasam Alim

Founder, XCOYNZ